MICROFINANCE EVENT: Akhuwat, AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics Hosting 7th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum; November 24-25, 2017; Istanbul, Turkey

Event Name: Seventh Global Islamic Microfinance Forum: “Evidence of Impact – Financial Inclusion”

Event Dates: Conference: November 24 – November 25, 2017; Post-conference workshop: November 27 – November 28, 2017

Event Location: Istanbul Lütfi K?rdar International Convention and Exhibition Center; Istanbul, Turkey

Summary of Event: The primary objective of this event is to “create awareness of Islamic microfinance for the benefit of humankind.” Islamic microfinance consists of services conducted according to Shariah law, which includes a prohibition on charging interest in favor of concepts such as the sharing of profit and loss. The event will feature approximately 40 speakers from 30 countries covering topics including: the potential of Islamic microfinance; funding challenges faced by Islamic microfinance institutions (MFIs); the “Qarz-e-Hasan” model of Islamic microfinance; and “Micro Takaful, Waqf and Zakat – Supportive elements for Islamic microfinance.” AlHuda will also host a two day post-conference workshop called “Islamic Agriculture and Rural Finance.”

Background on Organizers: AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) is a nonprofit organization that specializes in research, training and consulting in the Islamic microfinance industry. The organization also provides technical assistance in the area of Shariah law, organizes distance learning programs and publishes a monthly newsletter entitled “Islamic Banking and Finance News.” AlHuda CIBE has offices in Pakistan, Uganda and the United Arab Emirates.

Akhuwat is an MFI in Pakistan that was established in 2001. As of 2015, Akhuwat reported to the US-based Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) total assets of USD 98.5 million, liabilities of USD 85.1 million, a gross loan portfolio of USD 77 million and 567,760 borrowers.

Cost: The conference attendance fee is TRY 2,300 (USD 669) for Turkish participants, PKR 55,000 (USD 522) for Pakistani participants and USD 1,495 for participants from other countries. The workshop fee is TRY 1,700 (USD 495) for Turkish participants, PKR 40,000 (USD 380) for Pakistani participants and USD 995 for participants from other countries. A discount of 20 percent is available for those registering by November 1 or attending in a group of at least five people.

Event Website: http://www.alhudacibe.com/gimf2017/index.php

For additional information, you may contact AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics by telephone at +971 56 928 6664 or by email at info[at]alhudacibe.com.

By Matthew O’Neill, Research Associate

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