MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: MicroFinanza Rating Announces Client Protection Certifications, Ratings in Asia, LAC

During May 2017, Italy’s MicroFinanza Rating (MFR), under license from the US-based Smart Campaign, determined that Kyrgyzstan’s Kompanion Bank and FINCA Pakistan have complied with the certification standards derived from the Smart Campaign’s seven client protection principles. This brings to 40 the number of “Client Protection Certifications” that MFR has completed since 2013.

Furthermore, MFR issued “Microfinance Institutional Ratings” to Tajikistan’s IMON International, which was assigned a grade BBB-; VisionFund Dominican Republic, which was assigned a grade BB-; and Peru’s Entidad de Desarrollo de la Pequeña y Micro Empresa (EDPYME) Credivisión, which was also assigned a grade of BB-. All three were deemed to have “Stable” outlooks. MFR also issued Credivisión a Social Rating of BB-.

VisionFund Dominican Republic and Credivisión are affiliates of VisionFund International, which has principal offices in the UK and the US. FINCA Pakistan is an affiliate of the US-based Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA).

Sources and Additional Resources

Information provided directly to MicroCapital by MFR.

Smart Campaign: http://smartcampaign.org/

Kompanion Bank: http://www.kompanion.asia/

FINCA Pakistan: http://www.finca.pk/

IMON International: https://imon.tj/

VisionFund Dominican Republic: http://visionfundrd.org/

EDPYME Credivisión: http://credivisionperu.com.pe/

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