MICROFINANCE EVENT: High Water Women’s 2017 Investing for Impact Symposium; November 30, 2017; New York, USA

Event Name: High Water Women’s 2017 Investing for Impact Symposium

Event Date: November 30, 2017

Event Location: New York, New York, USA

Summary of Event: This conference is intended to connect impact investors with the goal of engaging women in the financial sector. The definition of impact investing used by the High Water Women Foundation (HWW) includes removing barriers to entering the financial sector, building up infrastructure in rural areas, breaking down social injustice and minimizing climate change. The session topics will include removing obstacles to change, women in impact investing, urban development, rural development, the environment and climate, housing, agriculture, diversity and challenges to measuring impact.

Background on Organizers: Based in the US city of New York, HWW aims to integrate women into the financial sector through “volunteerism and philanthropic giving.” It was founded in 2005 and has 3,500 members as of 2017.

Cost: The registration cost is USD 500.

Event Website: http://www.highwaterwomen.org/index.php/our-programs/impact-investing-education#!impact2

For additional information, you may contact the event organizers at contactus[at]highwaterwomen.org or +1 212 634 7365.

By Aleks Marceau, Research Associate

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