MICROFINANCE EVENT: East Africa Islamic Economy Summit; April 24 – 25, 2018; Nairobi, Kenya

Event Name: East Africa Islamic Economy Summit 2018

Event Date: April 24 – April 25, 2018

Event Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Summary of Event: This summit will focus on how technology and financial inclusion can drive the East African economy forward. The topics will include the role of Islamic finance in boosting financial inclusion and the gender gap in economic empowerment. An example of Islamic finance is a lender sharing profit and loss in lieu of charging the borrower a set rate of interest.

Background on Organizer: The event is organized by GBS Africa, a Kenya-based advisory firm that promotes business relations between Africa and the rest of the world. GBS Africa focuses on finding investment opportunities as well as promoting renewable energy and access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) .

Cost: The fee to attend is USD 150 for those registering before March 30 and USD 250 thereafter.

Website: https://www.eaifs.com/

For more information, you may email info[at]gbsafrica.co.uk or call +44 203 808 7127.

By Alex Gelfond, Research Associate

Sources and Additional Resources

GBS Africa: http://gbsafrica.co.uk/

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