MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: VisionFund Appoints Michael Mithika as CEO

As of October 2017, Michael Mithika will become the new President and CEO of VisionFund International (VFI), a UK-based affiliate of US-based NGO World Vision. In addition to founding the School of African Microfinance in 2005, Mr Mithika co-founded J M Mantle & Company, a management consulting and financial services firm helping investors, donors and financial institutions deepen financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa. He has also served on the VFI board of directors since 2011.

VFI provides financial services to poor people with the goal of increasing “economic resilience in communities to help children grow up with improved nutrition, healthcare and access to education,” particularly in rural areas. During 2016, VisionFund lent USD 729 million to 1.2 million people, about 75 percent of whom are women. World Vision reports serving 99 countries with 2015 revenues of USD 2.7 billion.

By The MicroCapital Team

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