MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: CGAP Extends Deadline for 2010 Microfinance Photography Contest to October 11

CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor), a Washington-based policy and research center, recently extended the deadline for its 2010 CGAP Microfinance Photography Contest to October 11. This year, CGAP has asked participants to submit photographs that demonstrate how microfinance “touches” its clients and the world more broadly [1]. Judges will award first, second and third place prizes, as well as choose winning photographs from six regions. The first place prize includes the opportunity to be flown to Turin, Italy, with a Microfinance Training scholarship to the Boulder Institute of Microfinance.

To submit up to 20 photographs to the contest, you may visit the following URL: http://www.cgap.org/photocontest/entryform. For further information about the contest’s rules and prizes, you may visit the following URL: http://www.cgap.org/p/site/c/template.rc/1.26.13701/.

Last year’s first place winner was Sudipto Das, a photojournalist working in India [2].

By Lindsey Shaughnessy, Research Associate

About CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor): Housed at the World Bank Group, CGAP is an independent policy and research center dedicated to providing financial access for the world’s poor. CGAP is supported by approximately thirty development agencies and private foundations. Its mission is to provide market intelligence, to promote standards and to offer advisory services to governments, microfinance providers, donors and investors.

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