MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: C-Quadrat’s Vision Microfinance Funds Loan $46m, Largely in Asia, Panama, Tanzania

C-Quadrat Asset Management, an arm of Austrian fund manager C-Quadrat, recently informed MicroCapital that its Dual Return Vision Microfinance and Dual Return Vision Microfinance-Local Currency funds loaned a total approximately equivalent to USD 46 million to unidentified providers of financial services in Cambodia, India, Panama, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and other countries.

Among these disbursals was the funds’ first investment in Pakistan. This investee is a microfinance institution based in Punjab that was founded in 1996 to support female businessowners. The institution offers loans, savings and insurance and reportedly is “a strong advocate of gender equality.”

As of March 2017, the combined assets under management of the Dual Return funds total USD 528 million. C-Quadrat manages assets equivalent to EUR 5.3 billion (USD 5.9 billion) as of 2016.

Sources and Additional Resources

Information provided directly to MicroCapital by C-Quadrat.

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