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MicroCapital publishes information on microfinance, SME investing and other forms of impact investing monthly in the MicroCapital Monitor and daily at MicroCapital.org. Since 2005, we have been covering news, events, research summaries and a range of special features on the sector. As impact investing is an emerging industry with a legacy of charity, objective news with a business orientation is scarce. MicroCapital seeks to counter this scarcity by providing candid information with the goal of encouraging rational growth of the industry.

We invite you to read our very brief introduction to microfinance.


The contents of this website are for informational purposes only. The information on this website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to invest. Additionally, no information constitutes a concrete investment recommendation or service.

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MicroCapital collects certain personally identifiable information in order to provide you with customized services, content and information. Some personal information is gathered when you register to receive certain MicroCapital services. Examples include your email address, name, street address and telephone and fax numbers. We never share personally identifiable data about our users (including email addresses) with outside parties, except as necessary to process payments. Users may opt out of any services (including receiving emails) at any time.

MicroCapital can be reached by email, by phone at +1 617 648 0043, by fax at +1 617 648 0050 or by mail at:

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