MICROFINANCE EVENT: Global Savings Group Conference; May 22 – 24, 2018; Kigali, Rwanda

Event Name: Global Savings Group Conference 2018

Event Date: May 22 – May 24, 2018

Event Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Summary of Event: This fourth iteration of this conference is themed “The Power of Savings Groups. Inclusion. Resilience. Empowerment.” Sessions will be based on the following tracks: (1) Systemic Approaches to Increase Scale, Sustainability, and Impact; (2) Access to Formal Financial Services; (3) Expanding Outreach to More Vulnerable and Diverse Populations; and (4) Savings Groups and Gender-transformative Initiatives. SEEP describes savings groups, through which community members save together and share the profits, as “a viable alternative for the vast number of people unlikely to be served by brick-and-mortar financial institutions…they are the catalyst for enhanced social capital, improved gender relations, women’s leadership, and community social and economic development” [1].

Background on Organizer: This event is led by the SEEP (Small Enterprise Education and Promotion) Network, a US-based NGO with 120 member organizations working in 170 countries. Its goal is to “develop, test and expand innovative strategies that promote inclusion, develop competitive markets, and enhance livelihoods opportunities for the world’s poor” [1].

Cost: The fee to register is USD 600 until January 5, USD 650 until March 16 and USD 750 thereafter. SEEP Network members benefit from a discount of USD 100.

Website: http://mangotree.org/SG2018

For more information, you may email SGConference[at]seepnetwork.org or call +1 202 534 1400.

By Alex Gelfond, Research Associate

Sources and Additional Resources

[1] The SEEP Network http://www.seepnetwork.org/

The Mango Tree (SEEP’s savings-group initiative) http://www.mangotree.org/

MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: FSD Africa, SEEP Network to Fund Research on Savings Groups

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