MICROFINANCE EVENT: Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food; February 16, 2017; Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Event Name: Geodata for Inclusive Finance and Food

Event Date: February 16, 2017

Event Location: Hulstkamp Gebouw, Maaskade 116, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Cost: This event is open by invitation only.

Summary of Event: This event will address how “geodata” can be used to expand inclusive finance and food security. Speakers will address how satellite data can provide information to support the increased outreach of financial services to farmers and others in rural areas. The main goals of the conference are to inspire attendees, exchange knowledge and provide networking opportunities. [1]

Background on Organizers: The event is organized by NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance; the Rabobank Foundation; and the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance, is a membership organization seeking to expand financial access in developing countries. The Rabobank Foundation is a unit of Rabobank that provides financial support intended to promote self-sufficiency for disadvantaged groups in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. NSO is an agency of the Dutch government that acts as the point of contact to the international space community and strives to educate the general public.

Event Website: http://www.inclusivefinanceplatform.nl/what-s-new/events/271/conference-geodata-for-inclusive-finance-and-food

For additional information, you may email info[at]inclusivefinanceplatform.nl or call +31 (0)30 234 8201.

By Phoebe Rorke


Sources and Additional Resources:

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NpM http://www.inclusivefinanceplatform.nl/home

Rabobank Foundation https://www.rabobank.com/en/about-rabobank/in-society/rabobank-foundation/about-rabobank-foundation/index.html

NSO http://www.spaceoffice.nl/en/The-NSO/

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