MICROFINANCE EVENT: Committing to Action: Accelerating Financial Inclusion through Partnership in Uganda; January 17 – 18, 2017; Kampala, Uganda

Event Name: Committing to Action: Accelerating Financial Inclusion through Partnership in Uganda

Event Date: January 17 – 18, 2017

Event Location: City Royal Resort Hotel, Kampala, Uganda

Summary of Event: This event will focus on the current state of financial inclusion in Uganda. On Day 1 speakers will discuss methods for increasing the presence of women in the workplace, implementing digital solutions, and “product development for rural outreach and agriculture” [1]. Day 2 will focus on how to accelerate financial inclusion and consumer protection in Uganda through legal and other means.

Background on Organizers: The event is organized by the Microfinance CEO Working Group (MCWG), the Smart Campaign, and the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU). MCWG is an entity through which the chief executives of 10 microfinance organizations advocate for “responsible” microfinance practices. The Smart Campaign promotes the practice of “being fully transparent in the pricing, terms, and conditions of all financial products” [2]. AMFIU, which has approximately 120 members as of 2013, aims to encourage a policy environment that it deems positive for microfinance in Uganda.

Cost: The cost to attend is USD 100 per attendee per day.

Event Website: http://microfinanceceoworkinggroup.org/uganda-2017/

For additional information, you may email Bridget Dougherty at bdougherty(at)accion.org or +1 202 393 5113.

By Phoebe Rorke

Sources and Additional Resources

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[2] The Smart Campaign http://www.smartcampaign.org/about/campaign-mission-a-goals

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