MICROFINANCE EVENT: Albanian Microfinance Association to Host 19th MFC Annual Conference; June 23 – 24, 2016; Tirana, Albania

Event Name: 19th MFC Annual Conference: Microfinance in the Cloud

Event Dates: June 23-24, 2016

Event Location: Tirana International Hotel & Conference Center; Tirana, Albania

Cost: The cost of registration for the general public is USD 753, with a discounted rate of USD 684 available for tickets purchased before June 13, 2016. For Microfinance Centre members, registration costs USD 588, or USD 521 if purchased before June 13, 2016. More information on group rates and additional discounts can be found at http://www.mfc2016.org/registration-and-travel/registration/.

Event Summary: The theme of the main conference is “Microfinance in the Cloud,” referring to opportunities that microfinance institutions (MFIs) may be able to glean from new technologies [1]. Participants are invited to present their own topics at the event; for more information regarding these “un-conference sessions,” you may contact the event organizers. The conference will be preceded on June 22, 2016, by a meeting of MFC members to discuss programming plans for the network. A half-day workshop called “Preventing Over-indebtedness” will also be held on that day [1].

About the Organizers: Based in Poland, the Microfinance Centre (MFC) is a network of 105 microfinance institutions (MFIs) in 32 countries in Europe and Central Asia that aims to promote a “socially oriented and sustainable microfinance sector” [2]. Its services include knowledge management, policy advocacy, research and development, and technical assistance. As of 2014, MFC reported total assets of PLN 11 million (USD 3.13 million) and annual net income of PLN 565,000 (USD 160,000).

Event Website: http://www.mfc2016.org/

For additional information, you may contact the organizers via email at mfc[at]guarant.cz or by telephone at +420 248 001 444.

By Meredith Steih, Research Associate

Sources and Additional Resources

[1] 19th MFC Annual Conference Website, http://www.mfc2016.org/

[2] Microfinance Centre website, “About Us”,http://www.mfc.org.pl/en/about

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