MICROFINANCE EVENT: 9th Biennial Microfinance Conference, November 23-26, 2016, Jijiga, Ethiopia

Event Name: 9th Biennial Microfinance Conference

Event Dates: November 23-26, 2016

Event Location: Somali Microfinance Institution, Jijiga, Ethiopia  

Cost: There is no fee to attend.

Summary of event: The theme of this event is “innovation to promote inclusive finance for sustainable development in Ethiopia.” It is hosted by the Somali Microfinance Institution, a microfinance institution (MFI) in Ethiopia, and organized by the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI), a nonprofit group of 30 Ethiopian microfinance institutions.

Event Website: http://www.aemfi-ethiopia.org/5-content/annoucements/84-save-the-date-9th-biennial-microfinance-conference

For additional information, you may email aemfiet[at]gmail.com or call +251 115 572198 or call +251 2567 756976.

By Petra Barbu, Research Associate

About the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI)

Established in Ethiopia in June 1999, the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) is a nonprofit organization seeking to facilitate microfinance practitioners in advancing their goals, including working towards the expansion of the microfinance industry in the country. AEMFI members include registered and licensed microfinance institutions and organizations indirectly involved in microfinance as well as individuals. As of 2016, the association has 30 members.

Sources and Additional Resources

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