MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Social Impact Hub Introduces Library of Potential Impact Investments in Australia

The Impact Investing Hub, a student-led project connecting investors to potential impact investments, recently created a Current Deals Library to provide greater access to information on opportunities that are meant to pay off financially as well as make a positive “social or environmental difference.”

The Impact Investing Hub is part of the Social Impact Hub, a Sydney-based NGO that provides education, consulting and funding opportunities to start-ups and NGOs seeking to create social and environmental impacts. Social Impact Hub Director Jessica Roth said, “The need for this resource was identified at the 2016 Impact Investment Summit, where participants noted that although information was readily available during the summit, it was largely inaccessible during the remainder of the year.” The 2017 Impact Investment Summit for Asia Pacific is November 13-15 in Sydney.

According an estimate from the Social Impact Hub, “the Australian impact investment sector is growing and estimated to be worth [AUD] 32 billion [USD 25 billion] by 2022.”

Founded in 2014, the Social Impact Hub has 14 employees as of 2017.

By Aleks Marceau, Research Associate

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