MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: MicroFinanza Rating Issues 10 Institutional, Social Ratings

During February 2017, Italy-based MicroFinanza Rating issued “microfinance institutional ratings” to the following institutions, all with stable outlooks: Indonesia’s Komida, which was assigned a grade of BB; Albania’s NOA, which earned a BBB; Haiti’s ACME, which was assigned a BB+; Vietnam’s Anh Chi Em (ACE), which got a BB-; and two institutions that each received an A-, Cambodia’s Amret and Palestine’s Faten. As for “creating value for clients,” MicroFinanza issued social ratings of A+ to Kazakhstan’s KazMicroFinance and BB+ to Komida, Faten and ACME. Under license from the Smart Campaign of US-based Accion’s Center for Financial Inclusion, MicroFinanza certified the client protection practices of Georgia’s Credo and Morocco’s Fondation Attawfiq.

Sources and Additional Resources

Information provided directly to MicroCapital by MicroFinanza Rating

Microfinance Information Exchange profile on ACME

Microfinance Information Exchange profile on ACE

Smart Campaign

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