MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Microfinance Institutions in Ghana to Charge Clients Unspecified Fee for Maintaining Deposits Beginning in October 2014

According to a statement attributed to Mr. Collins Amponsah, the board chairman of the Ghana association of microfinance companies (GAMC), an association of 560 member companies providing microfinance services, all Ghanaian microfinance institutions (MFIs) that are members of GAMC will begin charging clients an unspecified fee for managing their deposits beginning in October of 2014. The fee is intended to increase revenues in order to lower mounting operating costs of MFIs. GAMC will also investigate the reasons for the collapse of numerous Ghanaian MFIs in 2012 and 2013, as was reported by MicroCapital at the time.

As of 2013, GAMC held assets of approximately GHS 367,000 (USD 106,000).

By Simon Pfanner – Research Associate

About Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC)

Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC) is an association of 661 member companies providing microfinance services in Ghana. Member companies offer both lending and deposit products to their clients. It is limited by guarantee and was registered in Ghana on the 20th of May, 2011. As of 2013, GAMC held assets of approximately GHS 367,000 (USD 106,000).

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