MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: MFI in Bosnia and Herzegovina Borrows from Dual Return Vision Microfinance Fund

A microfinance institution (MFI) in Bosnia and Herzegovina borrowed a portion of the equivalent of USD 47 million that C-Quadrat Asset Management, a unit of Austrian fund manager C-Quadrat, disbursed during November via the Dual Return Vision Microfinance funds. The other borrowers are located elsewhere in Europe as well as Latin America and Asia. The identities of the MFIs and the amounts borrowed by each remain confidential.

C-Quadrat Asset Management tells MicroCapital that the MFI in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has directed 40 percent of its portfolio to farmers, engages in community support and complies with a range of client protection principles, including maintaining transparent pricing.

As of November 2017, the Dual Return Vision Microfinance and Dual Return Vision Microfinance-Local Currency funds manage assets valued at a total of USD 661 million. C-Quadrat manages assets equivalent to EUR 5.3 billion (USD 5.9 billion) as of 2016.

Sources and Additional Resources:

Information provided directly to MicroCapital by C-Quadrat

MicroCapital: MFIs in Asia, Central America Borrow $10m from C-Quadrat’s Dual Return Vision Microfinance Funds

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