MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Making Cents International Launches Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program

Making Cents International, a United States-based nonprofit social services organization focused on developing the youth enterprise sector, recently announced the launch of the Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program (the YFS-Link), which is an online portal for financial services providers and youth-serving organizations to network about youth-inclusive financial services.

The YFS-Link is intended as a place to post tools, share events and develop ideas collaboratively. Features of the portal include:
• Interactive global map to search for YSF partners.
• Resource center.
• Practitioner discussion forum.
• YFS blog.

For more information you may visit the YSF-Link portal at: http://www.yfslink.org/.

By Jennifer Shevock, Research Associate

About Making Cents International:
Founded in 1999, Making Cents International is a United States-based nonprofit social services enterprise that provides specialized technical services and curriculum to individuals and organizations working in enterprise development. One of its main objectives is building the youth microenterprise sector. Through the organization of learning opportunities and networks, Making Cents intends to inspire youth, practitioners, policy makers and funders to share and develop partnerships, programs and policies that support youth entrepreneurs. The organization focuses on providing a demand-driven and participatory learning space where members of all sectors can share information about programs, methodologies, strategies and tools; network to build partnerships; gain new technical capacity; and help build the youth enterprise, employment and livelihoods development field.

About Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program (YSF-Link):
The Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program (YSF-Link) is Making Cents International’s global initiative to expand the access of young people to quality financial services by strengthening the capacity and communication of financial service providers and youth-serving organizations.

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