MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Invest in Visions Lends $2m to Beige Capital Savings and Loans of Ghana

Germany’s Invest in Visions Mikrofinanzfonds, a fund advised by Belgium’s Incofin, recently agreed to loan up to USD 5 million to Beige Capital Savings and Loans, a unit of Ghana’s Beige Group, which offers banking, pension, insurance and investment services. Among Beige Capital’s goals is to “be the [small and medium-sized enterprise] bank of choice across Ghana.”

As part of the process of considering further loans and an equity investment in Beige Capital, Invest in Visions recently issued a two-year loan of USD 2 million to the firm, which reports total assets of GHS 818 million (USD 205 million) as of 2015. The Beige Group reports total assets of GHS 1.4 billion (USD 350 million).

As of October 2016, Invest in Visions Mikrofinanzfonds has a fund volume of EUR 351 million (USD 370 million). Invest in Visions also offers “social impact bonds” and other forms of funding for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and other forms of social enterprise. Incofin manages seven facilities comprising assets valued at USD 800 million.

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