MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: 2011 Global Youth Enterprise & Livelihoods Development Conference Hosted by Making Cents International (MCI) Calls for Proposals

The Global Youth Enterprise & Livelihoods Development Conference, an event that offers participants information on serving youth through improved programming, policy-making and partnership building, has issued a call for proposals to lead sessions at the 2011 conference to take place at the National Convention Center, September 7-9, 2011, in Washington, DC. [1]. The deadline for submissions is April 15.

Known as the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference, this is the fifth year that Making Cents International has hosted the event. Conference sessions focus on the lessons learned and understandings supported by programmatic examples in the areas of youth enterprise development, workforce development, livelihoods development and youth inclusive financial services [1].

More information, including the submissions guidelines and template: http://www.youtheconomicopportunities.org/overview.asp

By: Alexandra Pattee, Research Associate

About Making Cents International: Founded in 1999, Making Cents International aims to build the youth microenterprise sector. Through the organization of learning opportunities and networks, Making Cents intends to inspire youth, practitioners, policy makers and funders to more effectively share and develop partnerships, programs and policies that support youth entrepreneurs. The organization focuses on providing a demand-driven and participatory learning space where members of all sectors can: share information of programs, methodologies, strategies and tools; network to build partnerships; gain new technical capacities; and help build the youth enterprise, employment and livelihoods development field.

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