MICROFINANCE EVENT: Brazil’s Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego (Ministry of Labor) Hosts Seminar III of the National Program for Productive Microcredit Oriented – Challenges and Perspectives on the Oriented Productive Microcredit Program (PNMPO) to be held July 2008



Sponsored by the Brazilian government’s Ministry of Labor, with support from the National Bank of Economic and Social Development, the event brings together academics and practitioners of microfinance, in an effort to explore new ideas on how public policies can foster growth in the microfinance sector. Continue reading

MICROCAPITAL STORY: The United Nations Development Programme Encourages Microfinance by Publishing “Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor” Report as part of its Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently published a report entitled “Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor”. The report is comprised of 50 case studies investigating both small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and multinational corporations. It examines social and financial results on both local and international levels. There are eight chapters: Opportunities to Create Value for All, Constraints Standing in the Way, Adapt Products and Processes, Invest in Removing Market Constraints, Leverage the Strengths of the Poor, Combine Resources and Capabilities with Others, Engage in Policy Dialogue with Others, and Taking Action. Continue reading

MICROCAPITAL STORY: Pochampally Chenetha Kalanetha Collectives, Samhita Microfinance and Synergics Awarded at the 2008 Srijan Microfinance Business Plan Competition hosted by Intellecap, Standard Chartered Bank, Aavishkaar Goodwell and Financial Express

Srijan recently announced the winners of its 2008 Business Plan Competition, reported by MicroCapital here. Cash prizes were given to the top three contestants, with the first prize sponsored specifically by Standard Chartered Bank. The winners will also have the opportunity to meet investors, though Srijan has not yet specified which investors. All finalists will be able to create accounts on the India Development Gateway Portal, as reported here by MicroCapital. Continue reading

MICROCAPITAL STORY: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Invests $829,300 in Uruguayan Institute for Economic and Social Development (IPRU) for Microfinance for Youth and Women

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) recently announced that funds totaling USD 829,300 will be invested in a project for Uruguayan Institute for Economic and Social Development’s (IPRU) female and youth entrepreneurship in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo and district Saladero de Salto. USD 600,000 of the funds will come directly from IDB and USD 229,300 will come from counterpart financing from Uruguay. The IDB’s contributions will come through its Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP), which aims to make credit available to the financially excluded. SEP is managed and administered by the IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), which promotes inclusive private sector growth through grants and investments. USD 125,000 will be given in the form of a grant, while USD 200,000 will be given through a seven year loan that includes a two year grace period. The interest rate has not been specified. Finally, USD 275,000 has been allocated for “technical cooperation financing” and is funded directly from the IDB’s Italian Trust for Microenterprise Development. Continue reading

MICROFINANCE EVENT: London: European Think Tank C5 Will Hold European Summit On Global Microfinance Investments in October 2008



The conference will examine how microfinance can be a potential asset class, the risks of investing, potential business models, and how to facilitate increased microfinance investment globally. The conference will include panelists, moderators and speakers from a wide-range of international banks, microfinance institutions, investment funds and rating agencies. The conference is hosted by c5, a think tank that organizes approximately 90 European conferences a year to explore business opportunities and challenges. Continue reading

MICROCAPITAL STORY: Microfinance Insights Publishes Webcast of Vodafone, FINO, IIT, BASIX Leaders on Microfinance Regulation, Mobile Banking, Technology & Financial Inclusion

Through August 3, a webcast is freely available of the July 3 Microfinance Insights panel titled: “Technology and Financial Inclusion: What Works? A Discussion about Microfinance, Regulation, M-banking, Technology & Financial Inclusion.” Speakers include:

– Vijay Mahajan, Founder, BASIX

– Rajesh Dongre, Head, Mobile Business Commerce, Vodafone India

– Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai

– Manish Khera, CEO, Financial Information Network & Operations (FINO)

The panel event was sponsored by FINO, a provider of technologies such as smart cards and biometric devices to financial institutions.

MICROCAPITAL STORY: Central Bank of Liberia Grants License to AccessBank Liberia Limited, a Commercial Microfinance Bank

Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has granted provisional license to AccessBank Liberia Limited (ABL), a microfinance bank established in 2008, to operate as a commercial entity. AccessBank Liberia will open with an initial paid-in capital of USD 6 million, the minimum capital required by the CBL of banks operating in Liberia. AccessBank will focus on microfinance lending while also provide short and medium-term lending to small and medium enterprises. Continue reading

PAPER WRAP-UP: Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition, Mr. Roger L. Martin and Mrs. Sally Osberg

Authored by Mr. Roger L. Martin, the Dean of the University of Toronto’s (U of T) Rotman School of Management (Rotman) and a board member at the Skoll Foundation, and Mrs. Sally Osberg, President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, published Spring 2007 in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), a publication of the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB), 13 pages, available at http://www.skollfoundation.org/media/skoll_docs/2007SP_feature_martinosberg.pdf Continue reading

MICROCAPITAL STORY: Kiva and VideoJug Enter Partnership to Promote Online Microfinance

A partnership was recently announced between online video library VideoJug and online micro-lending site Kiva.org. VideoJug has agreed to provide an in-kind donation of video production services, creating videos featuring Kiva to both educate and publicize Kiva’s microfinance services. The first video, an “introductory clip”, has already been posted on social networking website Facebook. The partnership also aims to generate videos to provide information on Kiva’s campaign, the Kiva process, microfinance and how to become involved in lending. Continue reading