MicroCapital Universe: Writing Policies

The backbone of the MicroCapital Universe is a continuous process of expansion and revision to offer readers an encyclopedia regarding the capital of poor people worldwide. While some rules are meant to be strictly followed (for instance, our Content Templates, as explained in our guidelines, others cover gray areas that will become more clear as you observe and ask questions.

Biographies of Living Persons

Articles about people require extra sensitivity. As with all entries, they should be based on high-quality sources, and opinionated or inaccurate statements will be removed from the MicroCapital Universe.

Neutral Point of View

Write from a neutral point of view. This is a fundamental principle of the MicroCapital Universe, which allows us to attempt a fair representation of the microfinance world. Even if material is verifiable, it is still important to put it into a balanced and representative form so that it conveys a fair impression of the various points of view on a subject.


Statements should be referenced by hyperlink to reputable sources. We strongly discourage publishing claims (such as “This organization was the first to…”) in order to keep the MicroCapital Universe neutral.

What MicroCapital Universe is Not

The MicroCapital Universe is an online encyclopedia. Please avoid the temptation to use this site for other purposes such as to promote products or organizations.

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