Triodos-Doen Foundation


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The Triodos-Doen Foundation is a microfinance investment vehicle, which mobilizes capital for microfinance institutions (MFIs).

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Triodos-Doen Foundation started in 1994 at the initiative of DOEN Foundation and Triodos Bank. The bank makes equity and loan and debt securities investments in microfinance institutions (MFIs). Investments range from USD 500,000 to USD 5 million.

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http://www.mixmarket.org/funders/triodos-doen-foundation(external link)

Organization's Website

http://www.triodos.com/com/international_funds/microfinance/spec_microfinance_funds/triodos_doen_foundation/(external link)

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➢ Country of Incorporation: The Netherlands
➢ Year Founded: 1994
➢ Legal Status: Foundation
➢ Fund Assets (as of day/month/year): USD 78.9 million (as of 31/December/2008)
➢ Fund Assets Allocated to MFI Investment (as of day/month/year): 77.1 million (as of 31/December/2008)
➢ Number of MFI Investments (as of day/month/year): 51 (as of 31/December/2008)
➢ Area of Operation: Global
➢ Participant(s)/Backer(s)/Investor(s): DOEN Foundation, Triodos Bank
➢ Instruments: Loans and Debt Securities, Equity
➢ Fund Currency: USD
➢ Investment Horizon: 5 years
➢ Fund Manager: Triodos Investment Management

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Additional Resources

Triodos Bank Invests USD 900,000 in Microfinance Institutions in May (June 2009)
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Akiba Commercial Bank of Tanzania to Receive a Total of $5.2m in Capital from Accion Investments in Microfinance, the Hivos-Triodos Fund Foundation, Incofin, Inter-Consult, the Netherlands Development Finance Company, the Parastatal Pension Fund, the Triodos-Doen Foundation, and 70 Private Tanzanian Individuals (June 2008)
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