ShoreCap International (SCI)

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The ShoreCap International (SCI) is a microfinance investment vehicle, which mobilizes capital for microfinance institutions (MFIs).

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ShoreCap International (SCI) was launched in 2003 by ShoreBank Corporation. It is an international private equity company that invests in small business banks and regulated microfinance institutions (MFIs) in developing and transitional countries. Shorecap International also coordinates with its affiliate, CapitalPlus Exchange (formerly ShoreCap Exchange), a not-for-profit unit specializing in technical assistance and capacity building, in support of its operations in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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http://www.mixmarket.org/funders/shorecap-intl(external link)

Organization's Website

http://www.shorecap.net/(external link)

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➢ Country of Incorporation: Cayman Islands
➢ Year Founded: 2003
➢ Legal Status: Limited Liability Company
➢ Fund Assets (as of day/month/year): USD 28.3 million (as of 31/December/2007)
➢ Fund Assets Allocated to MFI Investment (as of day/month/year): USD 11.8 million (as of 31/December/2007)
➢ Number of MFI Investments (as of day/month/year): 11 (as of 31/December/2007)
➢ Area of Operation: Global
➢ Participant(s)/Backer(s)/Investor(s): ShoreBank Corporation
➢ Instruments: Loans and Debt Securities, Equity, Technical Assistance
➢ Fund Currency: USD
➢ Investment Horizon: 5 years
➢ Fund Manager: ShoreCap Management Ltd

Contact Information

Davis Golding
Chief Investment Officer

+1 310 649 7857
Kenny Nwosu
Investment Officer

+1 312 881 5868

Additional Resources

Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Ltd, a Unit of BASIX Group, Raises USD 9.87m in Capital (May 2009)
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Kenya’s K-Rep Bank Records Loss in Profits, Receives New Capital from IFC, African Development Bank, Shorecap International, Triodos, FMO, K-Rep Group (November 2008)
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