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Profund was a commercial investment fund that took equity positions in microfinance institutions (MFIs). The fund was liquidated in 2005.

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Profund was a commercial investment fund that specialized in taking equity positions in microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. The fund was liquidated in 2005. Profund invested in ten different institutions in twelve countries, including BancoSol of Bolivia, Finamerica of Columbia, Mibanco of Peru, Los Andes of Bolivia, Bco. Solidario of Ecuador, Interbank of Nicaragua, BanGente of Venezuela, VISION of Paraguay, CONFIA of Nicaragua, and Compartamos of Mexico.

Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) Profile (Indicate if organization does NOT report to MIX)

http://www.mixmarket.org/funders/profund(external link)

Organization's Website

http://www.profundinternacional.com/(external link)

Just the Facts (14 word limit per line)

➢ Country of Incorporation: Panama
➢ Year Founded: 1993
➢ Legal Status: Corporation
➢ Fund Assets (as of day/month/year): USD 11.4 million (as of 31/December/2004)
➢ Fund Assets Allocated to MFI Investment (as of day/month/year): (as of)
➢ Number of MFI Investments (as of day/month/year): 10 (as of 31/December/2004)
➢ Area of Operation: Latin America and the Caribbean
➢ Participant(s)/Backer(s)/Investor(s):
➢ Instruments: Equity
➢ Fund Currency: USD
➢ Investment Horizon: 7 years
➢ Fund Manager: Omtrix, Inc.

Contact Information

Alejandro Silva P.O. Box 769-1005
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel: +506 220 4122 or +506 290 2404
Fax: +506 290 2345

Additional Resources

Investing For Profit in Microbusiness and Crisis Management: The Profund Experirence in Ecuador
http://www.iadb.org/sds/doc/MicASilva.pdf(external link)

Evalutation of Profund (April 2002)
http://idbdocs.iadb.org/wsdocs/getdocument.aspx?docnum=553584(external link)

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