Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund (DBMDF)


Overview (14 word limit)

The Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund (DB MDF) provides financing to microfinance institutions (MFIs) to attract further resources on a leveraged basis from local commercial banks.

Description (140 word limit)

DB MDF encourages MFIs in developing countries to create or further relationships with local banks by providing funds as collateral for leverage loans, typically 2:1 (where the MFI will receive twice the amount of the funds lended by DB MDF). The client places the funds on deposit as collateral with a local financial institution, which provides a local currency loan. When the local loan is repaid, the deposit is liquidated and repaid to the DB MDF. The interest income earned on the deposit is retained by the microfinance institution, offsetting some or all of the interest expense of the loan. The DB MDF is supported by social investors, private clients of Deutsche Bank, and the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation.

Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) Profile (Indicate if organization does NOT report to MIX)

http://www.mixmarket.org/funders/dbmdf(external link)

Organization's Website

http://www.community.db.com/htm/db_microcredit_dev_fund.html(external link)

Just the Facts (14 word limit per line)

➢ Year Founded: 1997
➢ Country of Incorporation: United States
➢ Legal Status: nonprofit 501(c)(3)
➢ Fund Assets (as of day/month/year): approximately USD 4 million (as of 2009)
➢ Assets allocated to MFIs:
➢ Number of MFI investments (as of day/month/year):
➢ Participant(s)/Backer(s)/Investor(s): Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
➢ Area of Operation: Global
➢ Currency: USD
➢ Instrument Type: Loans and Debt Securities
➢ Investment Horizon: 1-5 years
➢ Fund Manager: Asad Mahmood

Contact Information

Asad Mahmood
General Manager, DB Microcredit Development Fund

+1 212-250-0548

Additional Resources

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