Access Microfinance Holding AG (AccessHolding)



AccessHolding is a commercial microfinance holding company.


Access Microfinance Holding AG (AccessHolding) is a commercial microfinance holding company that was established in 2006 in Germany by LFS Financial Systems GmbH (LFS). It invests in microfinance institutions (MFIs) and as of December 2012, Access owns a controlling share in six financial institutions. AccessHolding aims to develop its investments through equity finance, holding services, and management services rendered by LFS, which acts as its technical partner. AccessHolding establishes new MFIs together with external partners and transforms existing non-bank microlending institutions into microfinance banks that offer a wider range of services such as deposits. AccessHolding is a joint-stock company with committed capital of EUR 26.4 million (USD 37 million). As of December 2012, AccessHolding has investments in AccesBanque Madagascar (55.2-percent share); AccessBank Azerbaijan (16.5-percent share); AccessBank Tanzania (52.7-percent share); AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria Limited (50.1-percent share); AccessBank Liberia (55.6-percent share); and AccessBank Tajikistan (52-percent share). As of 2014, AccessHolding Group assets were reported at EUR 984 million (USD 1.33 billion).

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