Quick Guide to Creating Pages in TikiWiki


Creating pages in TikiWiki is easy, and highly encouraged. The basic philosophy of this research platform entails allowing users to search, create and edit their own pages, so that MicroCapital Universe experiences a constant addition to its knowledge base.

Search and Create

This step is essential in identifying the page you are trying to create. Following this step will make sure that the page does not already exist in our database. Click on Search and Create to learn more about the first step.

Categories and Templates

We have created Categories and Templates for you in order to make the process for creating pages smooth for you, as well as maintain a level of consistency within the pages contained in MicroCapital Universe. When you create a new page, select a Category (depending on the topic you want to write about), and accordingly choose a Template. If none of the existent templates fits your needs, simply select "General." Note that it is VERY IMPORTANT that you select a Category and a Template before you start to write.

Writing in TikiWiki

When you select a Category and a Template, you will immediately see a preview of the page. Scroll down, and you will notice the text box available for editing the page to your liking. Everything is done for you; simply replace the instructional words with your content. TikiWiki follows a Wiki Syntax which allows users to format text without any knowledge of HTML or other code. Each potential feature of your content (whether you want bold text, or a heading) is either available in the horizontal toolbox immediately above the editing textbox, or within the Content Template.

Click here to learn how you can add pertinent images to your page to enhance your content.

Additional Resources

What is a Wiki? Learn more here.

Read more about the purpose of MicroCapital Universe.

We have some Writing Policies that we would like all users to keep in mind.

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