MICROFINANCE EVENT: Triple Bottom Line Investing Presents ‘TBLI Conference Europe 2015’, November 19-20, Zurich, Switzerland

Event Name: TBLI Conference Europe 2015

Event Date: November 19-20, 2015

Event Location: GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Langhaldenstrasse 21, 8803 Rüschlikon, Zürich, Switzerland

Cost: The cost of the event is CHF 625 (USD 639). A set of three private meetings with potential investors and business partners is available for an additional fee of CHF 500 (USD 511). Additional meetings can be booked at CHF 150 (USD 154) each.

Event Summary: TBLI Conference offers a series of presentations and workshops that focus on environment, social, governance (ESG) and impact investing topics including the “carbon bubble: climate change and carbon risks for the investment community”, accessing capital for “sustainable” businesses, promoting energy efficiency and alternative energy, and integrating ESG considerations into portfolio management. This year’s conference will focus on ESG and impact investing across asset classes.

Background on Organizers: TBLI Conference is a subsidiary of TBLI Group, an Amsterdam-based organization that seeks to raise awareness of impact investing within the financial sector.

Event Website: http://www.tbligroup.com/tbliconference/europe2015.html

For additional information, you may contact the organizers via email to conference[at]tbligroup.com or by telephone at +31 20 428 6752.

By Arpita Sarkar, Research Associate

Additional Sources and Resources:

Conference Website: http://www.tbligroup.com/tbliconference/lam2015.html

MicroCapital Universe Profile: TBLI Group, https://www.microcapital.org/microfinanceuniverse/tiki-index.php?page=Triple+Bottom+Line+Investments+%28TBLI%29

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