MICROFINANCE EVENT: Harvard Business School Africa Business Club to Host “2014 Africa Business Conference,” February 28 – March 2, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Event Name: 2014 Africa Business Conference

Event Date: February 28 – March 2, 2014

Event Location: Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cost: The cost for students to register for all event sessions is USD 150 plus a service fee of USD 9.24; the cost for professionals is USD 180 plus a service fee of USD 10.89. A discount of USD 45 is offered for those not attending the Gala Banquet on Saturday, and an additional discount of USD 30 is offered to those not attending the party following the Gala Banquet.

Summary of Event: The theme of the 16th annual Africa Business Conference is “Africa Accelerates: Equipping a Vibrant African Economy.” The conference is intended to explore the prospects for economic growth in Africa and to identify productive business and policy tools that stakeholders can use to promote sustainable investment and economic development in the region. The conference agenda includes key-note speeches, panel discussions, case competitions and a career fair, with cross-cutting themes of inclusive business models, education and human capital development. Select panel discussion topics include “Microfinance: Tapping into potential at the base of the pyramid,” “Agribusiness development: Structural challenges,” “Empowering African women into leadership: Accelerating into the future,” and “Can investments in science and technology education move Africa up the value chain?”

Background on Organizers: The Africa Business Club (AFBC) is the student body club that is responsible for African interests at the Harvard Business School (HBS). AFBC’s mission is to focus on spreading awareness of the business climate, investment opportunities and growth prospects in Africa.

Event Website: http://www.africabusinessconference.com/

For more information, you may contact the Africa Business Club at afbc[at]studentclubs.hbs.edu or the Harvard Business School by telephone at +1 617 495 6000.

By A’kos Szebeni, Research Associate

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