MICROFINANCE EVENT: Global Sustainable Finance Conference 2017; July 13-14, 2017; Karlsruhe, Germany

Event Name: Global Sustainable Finance Conference 2017

Event Date: July 13-14, 2017

Event Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Cost: EUR 1,260, including hotel accommodation

Conference Organizer: This event is organized by the European Organisation for Sustainable Development, which is dedicated to meeting the goals of the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development by “supporting the transition to an economically sound, socially just and an environmentally sustainable world.”

Summary of Event: The conference acts as a platform to discuss trends and address challenges relating to the future of finance through sessions such as Responsible and Innovative Banking and Finance in the Age of Disruption, the Financial Sector as a Powerful Driver of Sustainable Development and the Holistic Integration of Sustainability in Financial Institutions.

Event Website: http://eosd.org/en/gsfc_fi.html

For additional information, you may contact the organizers by phone at +49 721 476 89 16 or by email at mail[at]eosd.org.

By Murong Xu, Research Associate

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