MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Student Microfinance Movement “Month of Microfinance” to Promote Dialogue about Client-centered Microfinance During April 2014

The Student Microfinance Movement, a US-based network of student organizations, recently announced that it will celebrate its annual “Month of Microfinance” during April 2014. The month-long series of events aims to bring together students, academics, microfinance professionals and other public and private stakeholders to promote awareness, dialogue and collaboration relating to client-centered microfinance worldwide.

The events will be held at participating colleges, universities and high school campuses globally, where student-led organizations will host a variety of activities including awareness campaigns, conferences, discussion groups and fundraisers. The Student Microfinance Movement offers an “outreach package” on its website that is designed to guide interested parties in planning for potential participation. In addition, the organization will sponsor fundraisers, essay and video competitions and a series of narratives called “Autobiographies of Microfinance” that aims to give students real world examples of working in the field.

For more information or to become a partner you may visit http://monthofmicrofinance.org/ or contact Dr Shawn Humphrey at +1 540 654 1487 or by email at MofMFI[at]gmail.com.

By A’kos Szebeni, Research Associate

About The Student Microfinance Movement:

The Student Microfinance Movement is a US-based network of student organizations that aims to bring together students, academics, microfinance professionals and other public and private stakeholders to promote awareness, dialogue and collaboration in the client-centered microfinance sector. The organization’s mission is to: (1) form a diverse learning community; (2) foster nuanced conversation; and (3) facilitate connections between students and the microfinance community.

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