MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: South Africa’s Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) to Disburse $81m to 15,000 Small Businesses

Chief Executive Officer Thankani Makhuvha of South Africa’s Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), a government-funded entity, has reportedly stated that the organization intends to disburse approximately ZAR 737 million (USD 81 million) in loans to 15,000 small businesses in South Africa during the year ending March 31, 2014. This represents an increase of approximately 47 percent over SEDA’s fiscal year 2012/2013 loan disbursements of ZAR 500 million (USD 55 million). SEDA supports small businesses through direct loans to businesses and loans as well as guarantees through retail finance institutions. The newly announced funding is intended to help create approximately 18,000 jobs.

By Makai McClintock, Research Associate

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