MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Singapore’s Tagit, Vietnam’s Smartlink Launch Mobile Banking Service in Vietnam

Tagit, a Singaporean mobile technology company, reportedly has partnered with Vietnamese mobile payment provider Smartlink to launch a mobile banking service that will link the customers of 51 financial institutions and insurance providers. The mobile banking platform is expected to allow approximately 40 million bankcard holders and 120 million mobile users in Vietnam to transfer funds, pay bills and check their balances from their mobile devices [1] [2].

By Brendan Millan, Research Associate

About Tagit: Founded in 2004, Tagit is a Singapore-based mobile technology company providing platforms for commerce and payment service in ten countries in Asia, Africa and North America. Financial information on Tagit is not available.

About Smartlink Card Services Joint Stock Company (Smartlink): Established in 2007 by the Bank of Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Smartlink is a Vietnam-based mobile payment provider. Smartlink serves 40 million bank card holders in Vietnam.

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