MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Scott Brown Stepping Down as CEO of VisionFund International

VisionFund International, a UK-based nonprofit with microfinance operations in approximately 30 countries, recently informed MicroCapital that its President and CEO Scott Brown will be leaving the organization at the end of March. The identity of his successor(s) have not yet been announced.

Reflecting on his 10 years with VisionFund, Mr Brown said, “VisionFund is recognised for its social performance. This, combined with solid risk management attracts social investors who want to impact people living below the poverty line, but also want to have safe investments on their balance sheet.”

VisionFund provides loans and other financial services to poor people with an emphasis on serving rural areas. As a unit of US-based NGO World Vision, VisionFund seeks to create “economic resilience in communities to help children grow up with improved nutrition, healthcare and access to education.” During 2016, VisionFund lent USD 729 million to approximately 1.2 million people, about 75 percent of whom are women. The organization estimates that these loans supported approximately 2.4 million jobs and 4.4 million children. World Vision reports serving 99 countries with 2015 revenues of USD 2.7 billion.

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Information provided to MicroCapital by Miranda Barham for VisionFund


World Vision

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