MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: PlaNet Finance Seeking Researcher for Short-Term Study on Microfinance and Women in West Africa

PlaNet Finance, a France-based nonprofit that works to alleviate poverty through microfinance, has released a call for expressions of interest from researchers to conduct a study on microfinance and women in West Africa [1]. Through microfinance institutions (MFIs) and local associations, PlaNet Finance has been implementing projects in West Africa to “reinforce financial inclusion” of vulnerable people, including women and people living with HIV/AIDS and sickle cell anemia. The study aims to analyze the impact of the projects by creating a series of indicators to track the changes in people’s lives. The researcher will be responsible for setting the methodology of the study, collecting and analyzing field data and drafting the study. The study will last from mid-January 2012 to mid-April 2012 and has a budget of EUR 15,000 (USD 19,600).

Applications may be sent to Ms Pauline Bensoussan at pbensoussan@planetfinance.org until January 10, 2012. To view the full text of the call for expressions of interest, you may visit: http://www.microfinancegateway.org/gm/document-1.9.56013/Expression_of_Interest.pdf.

PlaNet Finance works in approximately 80 countries and is comprised of eight for-profit and nonprofit units that provide microfinance-focused services such as rating, advisory, venture capital investing, software and training.

By Nisha Koul, Research Associate

About PlaNet Finance: Founded in 1998 in Paris, France, PlaNet Finance is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) with the mission of alleviating poverty through microfinance development. PlaNet Finance is active in approximately 80 countries as of 2008 and is comprised of eight for-profit and nonprofit units: PlaNet Finance Advisory Services, which provides technical and advisory services; Planet Rating, a microfinance rating agency; PlaNIS responsAbility SAS, which specializes in advisory services and structuring and managing microfinance funds; MicroCred, an investor in microfinance; PlaNet Guarantee, which specializes in microinsurance; FinanCites, a social venture capital company; MicroFit, a microfinance software unit; and PlaNet University, a microfinance training provider.

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