MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: MFTransparency Updates Pricing Data for Cambodia’s Microfinance Industry

MFTransparency, a US-based nongovernmental organization (NGO) that provides information on credit products and pricing, has published updated pricing data for Cambodia. The updated data builds on the original data published in 2009 as part of its collection of international microloan product pricing data.

Vice President of MFTransparency, Alexandra Fiorillo, stated, “We are excited to launch the brand new 2010 pricing data for Cambodia…This is an historic milestone for MFTransparency and the microfinance industry as a whole, as it is the first time ever that we have the opportunity to analyze trends in product pricing over time. We can finally begin to observe the early results of transparency” [1].

Although the trend data has not yet been released, MFTransparency will hold a webinar to share the initial results of the trend analysis at a time to be determined.

By: Alexandra Pattee, Research Associate

About MFTransparency: MFTransparency is a US-based nongovernmental organization (NGO) that was launched in July 2008 to provide information on microcredit products and their prices. MFTransparency collects data on the interest and fees charged on microfinance loan products in order to calculate the effective interest rates on those loans. Its intention is to establish the industry standard for pricing disclosure and to facilitate a fair exchange of microfinance products between suppliers and consumers. As of April 2011, MFTransparency has released pricing data from eight countries.

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