MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: “Enterprise Development and Microfinance” Journal Issues Call for Articles for December 2011 Issue “Investing in Microfinance Institutions”

Enterprise Development and Microfinance (EDM), a journal published by UK-based NGO Practical Action, has issued a call for articles for its December 2011 issue, “Investing in Microfinance Institutions”, which is slated to “explore key issues in microfinance investing” [1].

EDM is seeking articles covering a range of topics including “insights into how microfinance programmes might be run better…or what changes in policy are needed…analysis of how poor people manage their finances or their businesses…[and]…particular projects in a given country” [2].

Launched in 1990 as Small Enterprise Development, EDM is “aimed at practitioners and policymakers in the field of microfinance and enterprise development. Themes include microfinance institutions and their sustainability, poverty, impact on clients and producers, business development services, value chain development, and the business environment” [2].

The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2011. For more information or to submit articles you may contact EDM Editor, Clare Tawney, by email at: publishinginfo@practicalaction.org.uk.
By: Alexandra Pattee, Research Associate

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