MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Australia Funds Financial Education Curriculum Development Project (FinED) to Serve Fiji’s Primary and Secondary Schools

In 2012, the Financial Education in the Curriculum Development Project in Fiji (FinED Fiji) will be piloted at twelve local primary schools. FinED Fiji was launched January 18, 2011, and will be mainstreamed into the primary and secondary school education system by 2013 [1] [2].

FinED Fiji aims to integrate financial education material into current courses, as well as train teachers to teach the new curriculum. The program is operating in partnership with the nonprofit Pacific Financial Inclusion Program, Fiji’s Ministry of Education, and it is financed by a donation of FJD 2.3 million (USD 1.2 million) from the Australian government [1].

By Natalie Baer, Research Associate

About the Pacific Financial Inclusion Program (PFIP): The nonprofit Pacific Financial Inclusion Program (PFIP) aims to deliver financial services to poor Pacific islanders who have limited or no access to banks. It was established with funding from the United Nations Capital Development Fund, the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme. Financial data on the organization is not available.

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