MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: At AFI Global Policy Forum, Bangladesh Bank Governor Endorses Financial Inclusion to Boost GDP

Governor Atiur Rahman of Bangladesh Bank, the central bank and industry regulator in Dhaka, has reportedly called for stakeholders in the global finance sector to adopt financial inclusion strategies as a means to enhance gross domestic product (GDP) amidst a weak financial environment [1].

MICROFINANCE EVENT: European Microfinance Network to Organize 9th Annual Conference on Building Sustainable Microfinance in Europe, November 8-9, 2012, Bucharest, Romania

Event Name: Building Sustainable Microfinance in Europe

Event Date: November 8-9, 2012

Event Location: Bucharest, Romania

MICROFINANCE EVENT: Opal Financial Group Offers European Summit on Alternative & Institutional Investing, Monaco, October 1-3, 2012

Event Name: European Alternative & Institutional Investing Summit

Event Date: October 1-3, 2012

Event Location: Le Méridien Beach Plaza, Monte Carlo, Monaco

MICROFINANCE PAPER WRAP-UP: “Empowerment of Women and Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Microfinance;” by Getaneh Gobezie; published by UN Women

By Getaneh Gobezie; published by UN Women; September 2011; 17 pages; available at: http://www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/csw/csw56/egm/Gobezie-RP-2-EGM-RW-Sep2011.pdf.

MICROFINANCE PUBLICATION ROUND-UP: Microfinance Apexes; Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic; Selling Microinsurance

A New Look at Microfinance Apexes;” by Sarah Forster, et al; published by CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor); July 2012; 26 pages; available at: http://www.cgap.org/p/site/c/template.rc/1.9.58459/

MICROCAPITAL PAPER WRAP-UP: “Youth’s Financial Inclusion Policy Reform Study;” by Yassir Ahmed Hassan Jamie; published by MDG Achievement Fund; Microfinance Unit, Central Bank of Sudan; United Nations Development Programme

By Yassir Ahmed Hassan Jamie, published by MDG (Millennium Development Goals) Achievement Fund; Microfinance Unit, Central Bank of Sudan; United Nations Development Programme, May 2012, 103 pages, available at http://www.microfinancegateway.org/gm/document-1.9.57618/Youth%20Financial%20Inclusion%20Policy%20Reform%20Study%20FINAL.pdf

MICROFINANCE PAPER WRAP-UP: “Financing Small Enterprises: What Role for Microfinance Institutions?”; by Jasmina Glisovic and Meritxell Martinez; published by CGAP

By Jasmina Glisovic and Meritxell Martinez, published by CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor), July 2012, 12 pages, available at: http://www.cgap.org/gm/document-1.9.58676/FN81.pdf

MICROFINANCE PUBLICATION ROUND-UP: Microfinance Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean; Livestock Insurance in India; Using “Digital Footprints” to Boost Financial Inclusion

Latin American and the Caribbean Microfinance Market Trends 2006-2011;” by Renso Martinez Ramirez; published by Microfinance Information Exchange; June 2012; 22 pages; available at: http://www.themix.org/publications/mix-microfinance-world/2012/06/latin-american-and-caribbean-microfinance-market-trends-

MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Extends Credit Line to Turkey’s Vakiflar Bankasi (Vakifbank) Worth $25m

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a UK-based development finance institution established in 1991, has funded small and medium-scale agribusiness in Turkey with a credit line for Turkiye Vakiflar Bankasi (Vakifbank) in Turkish lira (TRL) equivalent to USD 24.7 million.

MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) of India Proposes Shop Owners be Allowed to Sell Microinsurance

India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) reportedly has proposed in a draft set of Micro Insurance Regulations that propose shop owners should be allowed to sell microinsurance in order to increase the usage of insurance.