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MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Virtual Terminal Network’s (VTN’s) VCash to Allow Mobile-phone Access to Western Union Money Transfers in Nigeria

Virtual Terminal Network (VTN), a Nigerian mobile payment company, is reportedly partnering with Western Union Company, a US-based financial services company, to allow VTN customers to deposit Western Union money transfers directly into their VTN VCash accounts for access via their mobile phones.  Continue reading


MICROFINANCE PAPER WRAP-UP: “Microinsurance in Ghana: Microinsurance as a Means of Insurance Sector Development;” by Jan Meissner; published by the National Insurance Commission (NIC), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

By Jan Meissner; published by Ghana’s National Insurance Commission (NIC) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ); 2013; 243 pages; available at:

This book analyzes potential ways to enhance the development of the microinsurance sector in Ghana, providing an overview of inclusive financial market development in the country as well as a series of recommended best practices for microinsurance development. Continue reading


MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Muhammad Yunus Promotes Holistic Social Business Movement (HSBM) of African Development Bank (AfDB), Yunus Social Business

The African Development Bank (AfDB), a multilateral institution that provides loans and grants to governments and private companies in Africa, and Yunus Social Business (YSB) Global Initiatives, a Germany-based company that aims to fight poverty by promoting businesses that solve social problems, recently announced that they have established the Holistic Social Business Movement (HSBM). Continue reading


MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Ears Earth Environment Monitoring of the Netherlands Offers Climate-based Crop Microinsurance System FESA Free to Microinsurance Retailers in Africa

Ears Earth Environment Monitoring Limited, a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based remote sensing company Ears Holding, is offering its Food Early Solutions for Africa (FESA) microinsurance system free of charge to microinsurance providers. Continue reading


MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) to Issue Loans to Fishing Communities in Accra, Ghana

According to a statement attributed to Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah, Ghana’s Minister of State in charge of Social and Allied Institutions, local fishing communities in the Greater Accra region will be offered microfinance loans from the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), the apex body in charge of implementing the Ghanaian government’s microfinance initiatives. Continue reading


MICROFINANCE PUBLICATION ROUND-UP: Microfinance and Patriarchy, Connecting the World’s Poorest People to the Global Economy, “Best Practices” in Serving Small Businesses

“Microfinance and Patriarchy: A Drift Away from Serving Women;” published by Knowledge @ Wharton; 2013; 3 pages; available at:

This report highlights the importance of gender equality in the provision of microfinance and focuses on the negative impacts of patriarchal attitudes on lending practices. Continue reading


MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Norfund) Loans $1.4m to NMB Bank Parent for On-lending to SMEs in Zimbabwe

The Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Norfund), a state-owned institution, recently issued a seven-year loan of USD 1.4 million to investment holding company NMBZ (National Merchant Bank of Zimbabwe) Holdings, which owns NMB Bank Limited, for on-lending to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Continue reading